Posted December, 18 of 2018

How is to visit Beach Park (Water Park) – Aquiraz / Brazil


Beach Park,  the most famous water park in Brazil, is prepared to receive babies and families. It is located at Aquiraz, near to Fortaleza. Stays open for all the year, as the city is very hot every day, tells us the contributor of this post Flávia Sphair, from @turismoemfamiliablog

” Beside the park, there is a Village, with stores and some food options. The access from parking lot and from Beach Park group hotels is very easy. You can enter walking, or come with a free bus, if your hotels is not just in front of Beach Park. There is a beach also in front of the park, and is allowed leave and return as much as you want.

There are many good areas for kids. Baby and children’s pools, tobbogans, and themed areas, as pirates and circus. This last one has a cover, whick helps with the hot sun, and is a kind of water play park, excelent for babies”.

Has also a familay restroom, with a small baby pantry, healthy food options in a buffet, and store.


Attended Baby Friendly Requeriments

√ Good treatment with the kids

√ Strollers’ accessibility

√ Pools for babies and kids

√ Pantry with microwave, together with family restroom

√ Changing Area for Men & Women

√ Buffet with Food Options for kids

√ Store with kids items



Mom in the World final reviewBeach Park structered itself to receive families with small children, and is an excellent place to hot days. Receives our Baby Friendly Seal.


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