Posted June, 12 of 2018

How is to eat Habib’s – Curitiba/PR

Colaboração de Flávia Sphair – @turismoemfamiliablog  que visitou o local com uma criança de 3-4 anos e uma criança de 12-18 meses.

Brinquedão Habib's

Brinquedão Habib’s


The company has a lot of concern with families, and our contributor explains: “I never could imagine that was possible to a fast food restaurant attend so many items for babies and kids. There is no only snacks, but healthy options, with good prices, and structure where I could, even alone with 2 small children, make a peaceful meal”. The visit was made at Bacacheri’s Restaurant in Curitiba, but this pattern exists for the most ones of the company.


Attended Baby Friendly Requirements

√ Good treatment with the kids

√ Adaptable options for children in the menu

√ Safe and Clean baby highchair

√Changing area at women’s toilet

√ Shared Baby & Kids fun place, fully covered

√ Strollers’ acessibility



Trocador Habib's

Changing area Habib’s

Bebê brincando no Habib's


Mom in the World final review: Even being a big company for meals, they attend well several items for structure  for familes of small children. Receives our Baby Friendly Seal!

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