Posted July, 28 of 2018

How is to eat at Thapyoca – Timbó/Brazil

Contribution of  Flávia Sphair – @turismoemfamiliablog  who visited the place with a child of 3-4 years old and a child of 12-18 months.

Placed in Timbó, state of Santa Catarina, has a large space, at a beatiful area, as is with the Imigrant Turistic Zone.

“You can seat looking the river view to eat your meal, a very beatiful view, but there is protection, so there is no problem to children walk or play in this area. There are german food or tradicional, a lot of options, easy to choose for kids too. There is a changing area (is at a unusual are of the restroom, but it is existent). Employees gave a lot of attention for our children, it was a great meal”.


Attended Baby Friendly Requirements

√ Good treatment with the kids

√ Adaptable options for children in the menu

√ Clean baby highchair

√ Changing area at women’s restroom

√ Strollers’ acessibility




Mom in the World final review: Great meal in a very beatiful area, just next to the main atraction of the city, attending the minimum requirements to receive children. Receives our Baby Friendly Seal!

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