Posted December, 31 of 2018

How is to eat at Lug’s Restaurant – Olímpia/Brazil

Espaço amplo no Lug's - Olímpia/SP

Inside view of Lug’s Restaurant – Olímpia/SP

Lug’s is a restaurant that saved 2 moms with 3 children after a long trip until arrive to the city of Olimpia, in São Paulo state, known by their hot natural waters, and was much better than expected, because was more interesting with children that we could imagine, tells Flávia from Turismo em Família, who contributed for this post.

The restaurant was opened in a hour that the city, even not being a small city, didn’t have already many available options, even that was a regular day if the week.

Is in the main avenue of the city, and the structure has restroom with a changing área for men and women  in a big área, menu with healthy options and with a small space with blocks and toys, good treatment, that helped us to make a better meal. I reccomend!



Attended Baby Friendly Requirements

√ Good treatment with the kids

√ Adaptable options for children in the menu

√ Clean baby highchair

√ Changing area for men & women

√ Toys’ table

√ Strollers’ acessibility



Banheiro amplo no Lug's - Olímpia/SP

Large restroom at Lug’s – Olímpia/SP

Trocador no Lug's - Olímpia/SP

Changing room at Lug’s – Olímpia/SP

Mesa de brinquedos no Lug's - Olímpia/SP

Toys’ table at Lug’s – Olímpia/SP

Mom in the World final review: Even not being a restaurant planned for children, It found ways to be good and adapted for families. Receives our Baby Friendly Seal!


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