Posted July, 18 of 2018

Is it worth traveling with a small child?

On most days, these photo laughs at the zoo in Miami define us.

Smiling is really the favorite act of my Vicente Sorridente (means Smiling Vincent), as he prefers to answer any question with a smoldering sly smile or a laugh that makes you forget all the problems of the universe.

But there are times when I do not know where my little ”smiling” went. Today was like this, on our walk to Castle Hill (Castle Hill) in Nice. I read the (incredible) history of the place before, knew we would have wonderful views and when we got there, there were several playgrounds, pure fun, right? It would, but he was not in the mood, he joked with the toy horse for 30 seconds and that’s it.

Yeah, in real life here too there are days that life is not just smiles. He cried so much that nothing but her mother’s lap on her already sore back calmed. The “terrible two years”? Perhaps. I offered food and water and he did not want to. At two different times, older French women passed and, with a gesture of elegant silence, made him stop. My attempts-from affection to rigidity-did not work, but those of strangers gave.

He returned to cry, until a very cute little girl asked her mother to get close to us. She asked Vincent, in French, “Why do you cry? Do not cry no!” And gave a warm hug, then a light kiss on the cheek. He, of course, stopped, and just stared at those water-green eyes. All this was while we tried to find the exit of the place.

When we found out that the elevator had closed 2 minutes ago (10 minutes before the official website!), and that we would have to go down the steps of the hill… After lowering a part with him on my lap, I tried once again to put him on the floor: at that moment, a woman who is my Russian version (seriously, I found her very similar!) appeared taking his other hand, offering to help. We went down like this: each one holding a hand, and he came down happy and excited! It was a day when he seemed to be tired of my presence, only interested in different people!

But he came home, joked with me, gave a thousand hugs and laughs for four hours. Babies and children are complex beings, right? It is up to us to respect the moment, have a lot of patience and adjust expectations. When he refused to go to the slide, I knew he was not in the best mood. He did not want to be there like I wanted to.

Okay, there’s no photo or walk, let’s go. Traveling with children includes that kind of moments. But for more laughter on fun days like the photo, we accept the ones that are not the same. No photos, but always with lots of love.

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