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Tips to visit Disney without stress

You need to plan your dream trip to Disney very well so as not to turn into a sequence of hours of lines and little fun.

I’ve been through two situations: I went to Disney in high season, without planning, arriving late, buying tickets on time. On another day, I came back with everything organized, sooner. That day, we have been to 4 times more attractions than the first! Let’s make it worth?

I divided the main tips in 3 moments: before the trip, the day before the visit and the day of the visit:



  1. When to go?

The best times are the first two weeks of May and the period from the last week of September to the first week of October. I am preparing a detailed post talking about each month, American holidays to avoid and what to expect from the weather in each one. Sign up here in our mailing list to receive the notice when we publish!


  1. Tickets:

– Decide on all the parks you want to go in according to the days of travel and the other parks and attractions you want to go and buy the tickets together. The higher the number of tickets, the cheaper the individual value. For example, admission to a Disney park day in peak season costs $ 119.00 + fees. Already tickets for four days cost from $ 87.50 per day + fees (prices of the official website in January 2018).

– Park Hopper: is an option that allows you to enter all the parks on the same day, valid for the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. For travel with babies or small children do not recommend, as each park already has enough attractions for one or even two days. Already for the more experienced, who already know Disney and do not want to repeat toys, can be a great idea.

– Water Park Fun and More: includes visits to 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), Disney Quest (Downtown Disney 5-story gaming complex) and a 9-hole golf course. The number of visits depends on the number of days of your ticket. Note: this is the number of visits, not park days, as in other parks.

– Buy tickets on the official Disney website or at trusted agencies that let you know the number that will allow you to schedule Fastpass + in advance.

– Check the schedule of the park on the days you want to go on the official website ( there are days when parks they turn to special nightly programs such as the Christmas parties that take place in December at the Magic Kingdom. These events are great choices, who will love it! But they require a purchase of additional tickets and so the park closes earlier for the traditional ticket, so if you choose not to go to the event, you will not see fireworks. Therefore, the park is empty during the day and has fewer queues, but you do not have the most exciting time of the visit.

Fastpass +: essential for your visit in any season, are free. They allow you to schedule a specific time (for example, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.) to reach an attraction, facing a different queue, which is no more than 15 minutes, while the traditional line can arrive on time.

It is allowed to schedule up to 3 Fastpass + in advance (through the Disney website or app). Focus on the newest and most disputed attractions. After using these 3, you can schedule as many as you can, always one after using the previous one, there in the park.

To make the most of this benefit, schedule all three for the morning or early afternoon, the first for 1:30 a.m. after the park opens: there are not many queues yet, so it’s not worth it to “burn” your credit there.

Schedule 30 days in advance (the maximum allowed for those not staying at Disney Resorts) or sixty days if you are visiting in one of them, to ensure you have the time you want for the attractions you most want to go. I have already broken my mind trying to schedule a day before the park: since there is a limited number of Fastpass + per attraction, there were no more available in some new attractions. Pandora – Avatar World, in early January 2018, was with more than 300 (three hundred) minutes of a queue! That is, if you do not schedule in advance, you risk losing what you most wanted to enjoy.

If you check at the park that the queue for one of the attractions for which you scheduled Fastpass + is not so great, you can cancel, issue a new Fastpass + to another attraction that still has availability and a long queue, and face the line of the previously scheduled. We did it, and it worked! This exchange can be done either in the Fastpass + scheduling totems within the park or through the Disney World application.


  1. Download the Disney app:

It will help you with maps and scheduling of the Fastpass + extras, as well as contain the times of the events and other information. Be sure to download inside the park as it is heavy and can take a while you do not have to miss there.

  1. Bags:

Check the weather forecast on the internet to organize your luggage and not to get hot or cold or carry too much baggage. You can reliably check the temperature ten days in advance.

At Disney, a lot of people dress up with Minnie and Mickey, regardless of age. I think it’s great! If you also want to get into the mood for the magic day, I recommend you buy your Minnie ear (or whatever else you want to use on the day) in advance, over the internet, and enter the address of the hotel or house you are staying. We did that, and on the day of the park, I left home with my little earbud combining with the red blouse with white balls (Minnie!) And Vicente with Mickey’s shirt and cap with ears.

There are hundreds of stores in the parks, but the prices are not the best, they have queues, and they sell different items from each other. You run the risk of wasting a lot of time entering various stores and not finding the model you would like to use or just find at the end of the tour.



– Organize the backpack or whole bag, with the tickets inside. If you are with infants or small children, include extra clothes, diapers for a long day, wet wipes. Leave fruits and snacks already separated, and the food prepared to only heat and put in the thermal pot before going.

– Put the cameras, cell phones, and external chargers to charge: you will not want to miss having memories of this magical day because of that failure.

– Sleep as soon as possible.

– Set the alarm to wake up early!


Wooohooooo!!!! Have you followed all the tips so far?

So, you’ve already done the ideal planning for your day to be a success!

Do not slip in the last hour:

– Get up early enough to have a good breakfast and arrive right after the park opens: in the first hour, the park is practically without queues, so it is when your day surrenders. This time is valuable, do not exchange for an extra nap.

– Dress in the most comfortable way possible: it is not a day of heels or tight clothes. Confirm the weather forecast to wear the clothes most appropriate for the weather and wear enough warm clothing if necessary.

– Heat the snacks, baby food, and store in the pot or thermal bag. Take the fruit, water, juice. Thus, you follow the feeding routine and make your ride much more relaxed.

– When you get to the park, photograph the place where the car stopped, there are names and numbers. So as not to risk going back without a battery and getting lost, do so with more than one cell phone in the group and try to record this information. We spent over an hour looking for the car in the late night chill at Disneyland Paris!

– Follow the FastPass + times: you have one hour from the scheduled time to arrive in the specific queue.

– Do not miss the parade, if you are with children, mainly. And the fireworks show if you’re between 0 and 120 years old! The best part, always exciting!

Quem não se emociona?

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