Posted January, 24 of 2018

Tips for Disney with babies

Is it worth going to Disney with babies or small children? Yes! There are so many babies, of all ages and nationalities in the parks, that you will feel right at home!

We have been to Disneyland Paris with our baby when he was 14 month-old and after to Disneyworld in Orlando when he was 19 month-old and all of us had a lot of fun!

However, the trip to Disney requires much planning, going with a baby lots of special care is needed:

1. Food: light snack, fruits, food, juice, and water. Restaurants and snack bars often have queues that make it difficult to eat at the right time or not have the options your baby is accustomed to eating. Carrying a thermal bag or pots with the full feeding of the day will leave you more relaxed – and your baby, good-humored.

2. Research the baby attractions first. There is an interactive map that can be accessed in the Disney App or at the park entrance that indicates which ones are appropriate for small children. At Disneyland Paris, it is written: “plus petit.”

3. If you already want to save this post, I have here the tips of the attractions that my baby liked the most: It’s a Small World, Dumbo, Revolving Cups and Carousel.

4. To make your Disney experience even more delicious, I for sure recommend to dress your baby with his or her favorite Disney characters to fully enjoy all their cuteness, it is part of the experience, and for that reason, a lot of people already arrive at the park like this. I Recommend buying these costumes by internet so you do not waste time waiting the store lines in the park.

5. Enjoy the moment when the baby is happy, fully awake and in a good mood. As a mother you know your baby, so  plan to go on these toys and rides when he is in full of energy.

6. When he is quiet, feed him, dine, and especially at the time of napping, take advantage of adult attractions as well. It’s not because you have a baby that you will not enjoy everything else the park has to offer.

7. Thrill attractions are prohibited for babies, that’s when you can take turns with the people who are with you optimizing time. This is where you can use your time more wisely. The group who stays behind with the babies can outside dine and take a coffee break while the others wait in the attraction lines.

8. Use the Rider Switch: the one that waited for the others go first don´t need to go to the queue. Before leaving the toy, ask an employee, who will give you a ticket that the parent who stood outside will present and goe straight to the beginning of the line! So the group only faces queue once!

9. If someone likes children’s attractions, they can spend more time with the baby while the other have their fun with the adult attractions. I myself loved every single one including the rides for babies, which my husband thought were very annoying. But overall there was enough fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Do you want to have a glimpse of how our trip was in Disneyland with my 14 months old baby? I was able to sum up our magical day in a one minute video:

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