Posted June, 07 of 2018

How is it staying in a houseboat?

Picnic at our houseboat


I’ve always been curious, since when I knew there was one. But there were many “preconceptions” that prevented me from staying in one before.

On the first trip to Amsterdam, I saw the boathouses on the canals of the Center and became super curious, wondering what it would be like inside.

“But it’s honeymoon, so let’s stay in a better place, right?” – that’s what we’d said at the time of the hotel reservation.

On the second trip, last year, I was tempted to stay in a lovely boat house I had seen on the GuestToGuest house swap site. But my husband, a little less adventurous and more demanding than me, thought it best not to risk it.

“Is it comfortable? Are we going to stand there swaying? Scales, right? “I, who did not know the answer to any of this, wondered if I was a good one.

When my in-laws decided to go along, we eliminated even the possibility: “It will not fit!”

Until this year, returning in high season, with hotel prices comparable only to London and Paris, a boathouse available on our dates at GuestToGuest caught the eye: great location, modern, seemed to be comfortable.

“It’s only 4 days, so let’s take a risk!”

The result? We surprised ourselves positively in so many ways:

1. Do not swing! Ours, at least, which is very large, is so stable that it seems to be more firmly attached to the earth. The channel in front of you has water well stopped, so it really would be hard to imagine something that could rock it.

2. It’s not small! It is sometimes larger than any hotel room within our reach in the city;

3. It is not a room, it is more like a spacious aparthotel or a large “loft”, with queen bed, big sofa bed, large LCD TV, table with 4 chairs, fridge, microwave and even fireplace! It even had a small laundry area with a washer and dryer at our disposal – we just did not use it because it was still the beginning of the trip.

4. Comfort of hotel 4 stars – bed linen and bath of excellent quality. One question that I get very often about house swapping is if we take our own bedding and bath – no! The logic of the exchanges is to receive someone as you would like it to be received, and we all know how much it takes to bring bedding and bath in the suitcase … So, as I offer to those who stay in my house, I am always received with these items too!

A mill as our neighbor!


5. The beautiful view to the canal, other beautiful boat-houses, with gardens… And we turned neighbors of a mill!

6. Having a place to call “yours” is another privilege nonexistent in hotels! With our own houseboat, we invited our favorite photographer in Amsterdam to do a photo shoot in our beautiful “location” – and she brought us a complete picnic!

anfitriões da casa-barco trocada!

Anfitriões da casa-barco trocada!

7. And speaking of neighbors … Here comes the best part: next to us was the houseboat of our Amphitrions from the Guesttoguest, with that hospitality that we saw from everyone who subscribes to the site: they had the doors always open for what we needed , always invited us in for a coffee and still left “fresh” eggs (fresh from the hen they had!) on our doorstep in the morning.

This experience was made possible by my beloved hosting platform, GuestToGuest, which allows more than 250,000 people to travel for free, exchanging houses with other people with the same vibe!

In my most read post, I tell you how the exchange of houses works. Already read?

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