Posted April, 23 of 2018

How is to visit Frost Museum of Science – Miami/USA

Salão Frost Museum of Science

Frost Museum of Science Area

The museum includes several activities turned for children, that seems to be thinked more for children than adults. There are many floors of activities that teaches about science, always in a colorful and playful way.

If you have babies, we recomend you dedicated most part of your time to the sea life aquarium area, which impresses with so many fishes, sharks and several other sea animals.

The family restroom is clean, big and complete, even with a shower, that “save us” in cases of diapers accidents. It is not in the same area as men/women’s restrooms, but is a third restroom.

Unmissable for who goes to Miami with children or babies, and a perfect program to be done in a rainy day (as happened with us). There are options for at least a full half day. Reserve 5 hours to visit everything with enough time, including 3D movie theater.


Attended Baby Friendly Requeriments

√ Good treatment with the kids

√ Restroom for children

Restaurants with of food for kids

√ Changing Area for Men & Women

√ Strollers’ accessibility



Frost Science Museum - Museu de Ciências de Miami

Frost Science Museum

Frost Science Museum - Museu de Ciências de Miami

Mom in the World final review: A very nice musem and an excellent program in a city which has less options for kids, if compared with other cities in the same area. Great circulation areas and good structure for children. Receives our Baby Friendly Seal.

Máira, founder of Mom in the World, visited the Museum in january,2018 with her son Vicente, with 1 year and 7 months.

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